Eavesdropping detection

Information obtainment realized illegally with the help of hidden electronic listening devices or mini video cameras has become a common practice. “Spyware” installed in computers or telephones is frequently used in illegal information obtainment. Such software enables monitoring of e-mail communication and activity on websites or obtainment of safety passwords. Monitoring by means of a mobile phone enables monitoring of conversations and text messages content; it can also localize the mobile phone’s owner. We have observed a constant growth in the numbers of listening devices applied in both companies and private facilities. The purpose of listening devices usage is to obtain information on competition, business partners, but also on close persons – a spouse, children or a life partner. Information obtained in this manner are often used for blackmail and extortion of specific actions or disadvantageous decisions. Preventive activities practiced by our specialists will help ensure your confidential information from being accessed by unauthorized people. We will detect and neutralize any listening devices or spy gadgets regardless of their type and place of installation.