Divorce and private cases

Infidelity- divorce cases

Suspicions of infidelity in marriage generally evoke intensive mental experiences which paralyze our actions, are emotional and irrational and cause serious family and occupational problems. Infidelity generally leads to a married couple or partners splitting up. Perspectively, it is necessary to transact a divorce in court where evindence of infidelity is needed. Judicial decision on your partner’s guilt provides you with high ground for further lawsuits about alimony or common property redistribution. If you suspect that your loved one is not honest with you, avoids conversation, lies or hides facts from their private life, these can be the first signs of infidelity. Lack of interest in family life, avoidance of being intimate with their partner, dead calls, frequent and sudden trips (“business trips”) or minor lies are typical symptoms of infidelity. Would you like to make certain and have irrefragable evidence? Detectives will scrupulously collect and provide information related to your parnter’s contacts and “second life” hidden from you. We will provide indisputable forensic evidence of infidelity. We guarantee full discretion and anonymity.

We will determine:

  • proceeding (photography of the day) of the observed person,
  • personal and occupational contacts,
  • your partner’s whereabouts,
  • their lover’s personal data,
  • paternity –based on DNA testing. Comparison material for testing is secured discreetly.

We will prepare:

  • a written report of the perfromed actions,
  • photo- and video documentation,
  • evidence material for court for the divorce case,
  • divorce petition on Client’s request

Only you will learn facts! Only you will decide about your use of the collected evidence! Learn the truth, do not dwell in uncertainty that is destroying you and your family!

Observation of persons and facilities using a drone

Observation is a kind of operational work cosisting of continuous tracking of people. Its objective is to register their behaviour, contacts, places visited, lifestyle, habits and bad habits. Observation is usually supported by discreet operational intelligence and other investigative activities. Observation, intelligence and investigative findings from credible sources are essential to an investigative agency in nearly all cases. Effective results obtainment must be supported by a long-standing experience in uniformed services in operational-evaluative departments and access to sources of verified information. During observation, specialist equipment including drones equipped with cameras for remote observation and picture recording is used. The so-called “photography of the day” is compiled as part of this service. We document our activities and describe all substantial circumstances related to the observed person or facility in a report. This documentation is supplemented by photographs and films.

We have experience and specialist equipment. If you would like to know what your partner, your children or your employees do or how your babysitter takes care of your children, use our service.

Search for persons

The search for missing or hiding persons is a range of specialist actions aiming to reproduce the period before going missing, determine the circle of people who communicated with the person in the period before going missing and, consequently, find the missing person. If the missing person’s efficient, fast and especially safe return back home matters to you, do not hesitate –time is important. Fast undertaking increases the chances of finding them. Professional detectives from our Agency will prepare a search action plan together with you and will take care of finding the person.

We will determine:

  • circumstances, causes and reasons for going missing
  • witnesses and people who might possess information on causes and circumstances of going missing
  • the missing person’s social and occupational contacts
  • potential kidnappers of the missing person
  • the missing or hiding person’s whereabouts

We use the following in our activities:

  • operational technology devices and equipment helpful in the search case
  • government institutions’ and prosecution authorities’ available databases
  • experience and knowledge from long-standing work for investigative authorities
  • operational intelligence
  • observation of marked-out locations and people

Forensic expertises

During the process of investigative activities, it is sometimes necessary to carry out specialist forensic investigations of which purpose it is to obtain specific evidence or to confirm certain facts. Expertise by assessors is an indisputable piece of evidence in a case. Such investigations require narrow specialist knowledge from the specific field. Our Agency cooperates with many specialists who possess the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary for carrying out these investigations. Information owned will be quickly and securely vefiried based on the latest technology and scientific advances.

We conduct:

  • DNA testing –paternity determination
  • polygraph testing –so-called “lie detector”
  • toxicological testing of hair for content of narcotics or designer drugs
  • fingerprint testing –traces of papillary lines
  • phonoscopical testing –of recordings of voices and conversations on various media
  • graphological testing –of handwriting

Personal cases

We undertake investigative activities in the cases of:

  • parental abductions –finding out a child’s whereabouts
  • confirmation or negation of paternity –DNA testing
  • determination specified persons’ property elements –real estates and chattels
  • providing help in the realisation of computer and telephone monitoring
  • detection of eavesdropping and hidden cameras and of devices recording picture and sound