Offer for businesses

Business inteligence

Our offer is aimed at business entities that care about their businesses’ safety. Business intelligence is a range of an investigative office’s activities, consisting of searching for, obtaining and processing information on the examined company, board members and management. In business, making quick and accurate decisions decides about the final success. Access to credible and verified information particularly counts in the race against competition. Our detectives’ activities enable verification of a potential contractor in terms of their credibility, business relations and financial condition. In business it is easy to fall victim to dishonest and unreliable contractors whose activity leads to immense material loss. Generally, such situations usually end in court. However, due to the Polish judiciary system’s inefficiency, loss recompensation is usually time-consuming and often enough impossible. You can prevent this by using the service of Detektywistyczna Agencja Wywiadowcza (“investigative intelligence agency”). Our activities are of the so-called “open-source intelligence” character. This means that we obtain information from legal and verified sources.

We will prepare a written business report comprising information on:

  • obtainment and analysis of the examined company’s registry documents
  • finding out the business entity’s transformation history
  • finding out about capital-personal relations
  • description of the business’s, board members’ and management’s assets
  • authenticity evaluation of documents presented by the contractor, including graphological expertise if necessary
  • opinion on the business partner’s place of residence
  • finding out about career course, internship and occupational achievements
  • finding out management’s social contacts, bad habits and habits
  • results of the observation of the contractor or employee
  • evaluation of the risks connected with signing a contract
  • reputation among contractors and competition

Unfair competition’s practices detection

Honest competition is a desirable phenomenon in our economy. It leads to products’ and services’ quality improvement as well as influences the decrease of prices. Nonetheless, many entrepreneurs use dishonest practices prohibited by law in their pursuit of success and money. Polish law regulates this issue in the act from 16th April 1993 about subjugation of unfair competitors (Journal of the Laws from 2003 reg. no. 153, pos. 1 503), according to which actions of an unfair competitor are among others activities conflicting with the law or good customs if they jeopardise or disrupt the entrepreneur’s or client’s interest. Such activities often carry the characteristics of an offence and are severely punished. Fair entrepreneurs suffer measurable material loss as a result of the usage of prohibited practices by competition. In Poland, the act on subjugation of unfair competitors defines the term and enumerates unfair competition’s behaviours and activities which are subject to criminal responsibility.

Unfair competitors’ actions are in particular:

  • the business’s security breach
  • employment of employees encompassed by prohibition of competition
  • misleading specification of the business
  • false or fraudulent specification of geographical origin of goods or services
  • misleading specification of goods or services
  • instigation to dissolution or non-performance of a contract
  • product imitation
  • slander or dishonest pitching
  • impediment of access to the market
  • bribery of a public official
  • unfair or prohibited advertisement
  • organization of a pyramid scheme system

We offer to you investigative services based on evidence material colletion in cases of unfair competition. The collected material can serve as a piece of evidence in a civil or penal proceeding.

Employees’ credibility verification

More than a third of Polish companies fall victim to misuse by employees; losses are considerable. As a result of misuse, 44% of companies that admit having been misused lost at least 400 000 PLN. It is not always about ordinary theft, but about systematic leading of companies’ wealth off by employees. Selection of suitable staff and subsequently their systematic verification contributes to the maintenance of high work standards in the company and considerably influences its functioning. We will also scrutinize job candidates’ honesty, track down and verify information stated in a CV or a cover letter, examine the employee’s career path, integrity or whether the employee works for your competition or not.

In the process of employee credibility verification we can perform:

  • CV analysis, previous employment verification and collection of opinions at previous workplaces
  • finding out about competition prohibition breach
  • truthfulness verification – polygraph testing, so-called lie detector
  • verification of persons breaching medical leave principles
  • verification of workplace credibility and honesty
  • observation in terms of lifestyle- habits, bad habits

Using innovative work methods, we help to efficiently eliminate disloyal employees and prevent negative consequences of their actions.

Finding out debtors’ assets

The objective of finding out debtor’s assets in the pre-judicial and judicial debt collection stage is effective investigation of assets claims. In most cases, dishonest debtors conceal or transfer proprietorship onto family members or third parties in order to conceal the assets owned. The essence of this service is to collect information on the debtor’s and their family members’ assets. Our activities are of the so-called “open-source intelligence” character. This means that we obtain information from legal and verified sources.

Finding out concerns:

  • debtor’s assets (houses, apartments, grounds, vehicles, artworks, financial supplies),
  • immediate family members’ assets
  • debtor’s liabilities towards companies and natural persons
  • contractors cooperating with the debtor
  • opinion on the debtor in their environment

The data collected about the debtor’s assets and their liabilities enable lawsuit acceleration and increase the probability of effective enforced debt collection. Based on assets determination results, an adequate strategy of pre-judicial and judicial debt collection can be prepared, and receivables can be recovered.

Document credibility verification

Many various types of documents exist in public-private turnover, which confirm certain circumstances, facts or conditions of legal meaning. A document is a piece of evidence, a confirmation of genuineness. The certainty of economic turnover is based on the assumption that a document is authentic and contains true data. Only work based on authentic documents allows to avoid many penal-fiscal and personal problems. Examination of a document takes place in two dimensions:

  • document and stamp authenticity including graphological examination
  • factual content, contained data and sources of origin examination

We will scrutinize and verify certificates and statements, references, information included in CVs, school report cards and diplomas, civil law contracts, invoices and many other documents of which genuineness is important to you.